Exchange Students

Rotary Youth Exchange Program (RYE) at Sheng Kung
(r~l Vice-Principal Simon Hsu, Principal Juliana Cheng, Dayanne, and Margot)

The young ladies at our 2015 school year Opening Ceremony. 
Both ladies made a brief speech introducing themselves. 
They even used some Mandarin!
This year at Sheng Kung, we are lucky to have two exchange students. They are Dayanne from Brazil and Margot from France. These lovely ladies will be part of our school this year, so let's make them feel at home! Dayanne will be in S1A and Margot will be in S1F. When you see them around campus, make sure to say "Hello" and try to chat with them.

Besides the girls in their homeroom classes, any class at SK can apply to invite the girls to take part in a special activity. Just make a plan and submit it here!

Also, individual students can apply to be language exchange partners with Margot or Dayanne. Apply below and make sure to include your available times!

We hope these lovely ladies can get involved in lots of different events here at SK and have a truly memorable year!

Dayanne's Brazil Presentation

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Presentations for the Principal and Deans

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Margot and Dayanne came to visit our Executive English class and introduced themselves, their hometowns, and their countries. Afterwards, we had a nice discussion about where they should go in Taiwan and what they should see. We also watched a few videos from Brazil and learned some new things. Terrific job by both ladies!!

Introducing France and Brazil

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Margot and Dayanne made some posters introducing their hometowns and their countries. They are up outside the School History Room (校史室). Check them out!


SK Exchange Students in the Newspaper!!

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