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First Annual Sheng Kung International Festival (12/14~12/18 2015)

posted Dec 21, 2015, 4:48 PM by Peter Lang

Last week, our S2A (國際教育班) hosted the first annual Sheng Kung International Festival in our school's Special Exhibit Hall (校史室). Between the Senior 1, Senior 2, Junior 1, and Junior 2 classes participating, over 400 students got the chance to learn about different countries. The students answered questions about various countries' history, culture, language, tourist sites, and government. It was an exciting event and will certainly be continued next year, but even bigger and better!!

First Day

Second Day

Lecture from Dr. Li (12/3/2015)

posted Dec 21, 2015, 4:15 PM by Peter Lang

Sheng Kung was honored to host Dr. Shu-Chun Li from Kaohsiung Medical University. Dr. Li gave a very meaningful talk about mainstream images of female beauty in the media and how this effects society both superficially and below the surface. She also talked a great deal about gender issues, such as intersex and transgender people. The students that attended also got to hear some personal stories from one of Dr. Li's graduate students. It was a great afternoon!

Linda Arrigo's Speech - "A Borrowed Voice"

posted Sep 18, 2015, 5:26 PM by Peter Lang   [ updated Nov 29, 2015, 9:37 PM by 黃瓘雯 ]

演講者:Linda Gail Arrigo艾琳達女士
演講題目:"A Borrowed Voice" - The Democratic Movement in Taiwan
演講時間:104年9月17日(四) 下午15:00-17:10

             Sheng Kung was very honored to host Dr. Linda Arrigo, an important  democracy and human rights advocate who was actively involved in Taiwan's  democratic transformation starting in the 1970s. She shared her personal story  of coming to Taiwan, falling in and out of love, and getting swept up in and  then becoming a key figure in the push for liberalization and democratization.  Hers is a unique and vitally important story for our youth to hear, especially as  Taiwan continues to grow and develop. We hope all our students can learn  from Dr. Arrigo and become actively involved in their country's future. We are  especially proud that Dr. Arrigo was able to come all the way down to Tainan  to share and laugh with us!

Tainan Little Ambassadors

posted Sep 8, 2015, 5:17 PM by Peter Lang   [ updated Oct 4, 2015, 6:25 PM by 黃瓘雯 ]

Tainan Little Ambassador Sign-up Sheet



Attention Students! 身為古都的孩子,你了解台南古蹟嗎?




活動時間  參訪地點  
9/13 (日) 
1. 赤崁樓 Fort Provintia 
2. 武廟 Official God of War Temple 
3. 大天后宮 Mazu Temple 

10/25 (日) 
1. 延平郡王祠 Koxinga Shrine
2. 臨水夫人廟 Lady Linshui Temple
3. 孔廟 Confucius Temple

11/7 (六) 
1. 城隍廟 City God Temple 
2. 東嶽殿 Dongyue Temple 
3. 吳園 Wu Pavilion 

11/21 (六) 
1. 林百貨 Hayashi Department Store 
2. 台文館 Taiwanese Lit. Museum 
3. 愛國婦人館 Patriotic Women’s Association 

1. 安平古堡 Fort Zeelandia 
2. 安平老街 An-Ping Old Street 
3. 安平樹屋 An-Ping Tree House 

☆ 本活動交通、入場、用餐等費用由學生自理
☆ 請記得攜帶學生證(古蹟憑台南市身分證或學生證為免費入場)
☆ 請最遲於活動當週的禮拜一向國際事務組(五樓人事室辦公室)報名登記,以便進行家長同意回條繳交、保險等事宜。
☆ 活動為當日接於景點集合,請同學仔細斟酌,往返時務必注意交通安全。

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